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Beta testing protocol

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Target testers (to be confirmed with interested partners)


MFIs :

Members of ProsperA network

Members of Microfinance CEO Working Group

Partners of the investors

MFIs receiving information through SPTF webinars


Networks/TA providers :

Good Return, Microfinance Centre, Entrepreneurs du Monde, ECLOF


Investors, donors, funders :

Investors/DFIs from SPTF investor WG: Incofin, Grameen CA Microfinance Foundation, Proparco/AFD, Cordaid, BIO, Alterfin, etc.

Oikocredit (Paraguay)



25-30 MFIs, 3-4 Networks, 3-4 Investors


Selection process

CERISE will follow closely the 25-30 MFIs who will represent the core group of the beta testers.


Testing process


CERISE and SPTF notify partners and members about the Beta Test period.


Expert panel members and SPTF partners send to CERISE the list of potential beta testers.

SPTF, CERISE, CEO WG, Investors, etc. to propose a list of potential beta-testers (by Feb 20)

The welcome letter is sent to all potential candidates with a request for agreement on participating

For MFIs that may want to come to the next SPTF meeting, financial support can be provided to take in charge (part of) the costs to come to Dakar early June. The condition to receive the scholarship is to follow closely the requirements of the beta-test and to work on an Action Plan after SPI4 is completed.

SPTF and CERISE will propose to select the 10 candidates based on a diversity of region, type of MFIs, experience with social assessment, and needs of support.

For those who want to come to Dakar and cannot have the SPTF scholarship, some investors may be willing to support them (based on informal discussions in London). CERISE and SPTF can advocate for this complementary support.


CERISE sends welcome packet to beta testers presenting SPI4 v1.0, the goals of beta testing process, and specific requests to the beta-testers. The letter will include links to a Feedback Survey to fill out after doing the questionnaire and the Beta Tester Wiki, which will introduce the basic steps to start testing and offer users the possibility to ask questions and to comment during the beta testing phase.


CERISE organizes regular Webex meetings for members of the Beta Testing Group. Webex will offer a "live" forum, providing participants updates on the beta testing process, sharing lessons learned, addressing FAQs and discussing more content-specific issues (e.g. how to assess certain indicators, feedback on scoring, how to analyze results, etc.) on an as needed basis. CERISE will take advantage of these Webex’s to “feed” the Wiki Page (to be updated after each Webex based on comments, questions) and develop and refine training materials that will eventually be rolled out during the full launch after the SPTF’s annual meeting in June.


Set up a Help Desk. In addition to the Beta Tester Wiki Page, CERISE/SPTF has set up a dedicated email to answer any inquires about the tool or the process that may require clarification.


What are we requesting of Beta Testers?

Conduct an assessment (self-assessment, accompanied self -assessment or external assessment).

Complete the Feedback Survey, completely filling in all questions

Use Beta Tester Wiki Page to note specific questions, comments

Attend Webex sessions (see calendar here)

Scholarship recipients must complete both the beta test of the SPI4 and an Action Plan for follow up activities based on the results of the assessment and will share their comments and experience in Dakar.



Finalize initial tester list by February 20.

Send welcome email with links by February 24.


While interested beta testers are encouraged to join and begin as soon as possible, testers will be able to “join” the Best Testing Group up until April.



Sources of feedback

Wiki page questions/comments

Feedback survey

Webex meetings

Ad hoc (Individual emails, calls, meetings, sector events, visits to partners, etc.)

SPTF Meeting (see details below)


Feedback management


CERISE will be responsible for answering questions and comments from users on the Wiki Page, and compiling all feedback from all sources into a Master Feedback Log during the entire feedback period. Comments will be regularly compiled and shared with SPTF, who will be the ultimate authority in terms of interpreting indicators and providing assessment guidance (3 webex’s, one every month, between CERISE and SPTF). CPP-related comments/questions will be directed to Smart Campaign, as needed.



Feedback period open from February 27 until May 10, 2014.



Initial internal analysis

CERISE will analyze feedback and present findings of the beta testing to SPTF, the Expert Panel, and any interested beta-testers. Initial findings will be presented prior to June SPTF meeting.

Validation of feedback at SPTF June Meeting

A workshop will be organized at the SPTF during the pre-meetings with all Beta Testers present. The participants of this workshop will be primarily MFI and direct SPI users, to gather their feedback on the usability, usefulness, and relevance of SPI4 in person. The objective of the workshop is to present and validate the initial findings from the feedback period, discuss proposals for revisions, gather feedback on training needs and support, and plan the launch of SPI4 v.1.1.


Mid May – Mid June



Refining the SPI4 Tool

Based on the feedback period and the feedback meeting at SPTF, CERISE will make proposed revisions to SPI4.


In parallel, SPI4 Standards of Use (based on SPI3) will be drafted and User Guidance (elements of CPP certification, USSPM Implementation Guide if ready) will be uploaded to Wiki Page.



Release SPI4 v.1.1 by the end of September 2014.


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