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Beta Test Getting Started

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The Universal Standards for Social Performance Management (which include the Client Protection standards), and accompanying indicators, were created to clarify and standardize management, evaluation, and reporting practices. They were defined through a sector-wide consultative process over the last two years. The goal of the beta test is not to revisit this process, but rather to evaluate the functionality of the SPI4 v1.0.


  • Usability: Is the tool user friendly? Easy to understand?


  • Clarity: Is the content, scoring system clear?  


  • Data collection/reporting: Do you think SPI4 will simplify MFIs’ reporting obligations (to MIX, donors, investors, networks)? 


  • SPI4 as a learning tool: Does using the SPI4 lead to better understanding of social performance management and client protection practices? Do you think it help MFIs identify the next steps to improve practices? 


To know more about the beta testing process, see the beta testing protocol.





1. Download the most recent version from the SPI4 Wiki


2. Prepare your assessment. Decide the type of assessment (during beta testing, we suggest all assessment be either self-assessments or accompanied self -assessments) and start collecting documents needed to answer the indicators. Make sure to review the Please Specify column on the Questionnaire tab! 

COMING SOON: SPI4 Control List - a list of documents, data and interviews that will help you fill in the SPI4.


3. Read the things to keep in mind as you conduct the assessment--this will make it easier to fill in the Feedback Survey.


4. Sign up for a introduction webex to get guidance on how to use the tool. See the Webex calendar for upcoming webinars. 


5. Fill in the questionnaire.

  • Here is some guidance on selecting your modules.
  • Some advice while starting filling in the questionnaire


At a minimum, we ask that you please fill in the entire Core Module, which includes the Organization Information sheet and the Questionnaire. You may also complete additional modules if you wish. Please take the time to fill in the Please Specify column. This information is critical for a full and accurate analysis of the indicators.





After completing the SPI4, please fill in the Feedback Survey.


Please feel free to make any comments or questions on this wiki page.


Send us an email with any questions, comments.


Technical bugs - please note any technical bugs on this Google Drive log.

If you have problems accessing the log, let us know!





February to May


Beta testing of SPI4 v1.0 by a limited group of MFIs


Early June


Present findings from the beta testing at the SPTF meeting




Make revisions to SPI4 based on feedback from the beta testing process




Release SPI4 v1.1



Thank you for taking some time to get to know the new SPI4 and providing feedback. Your comments are important and appreciated. You are helping to refine the industry’s best thinking on how to streamline assessment and reporting on SPM.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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